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  • How do I buy the A5 SoR edition of M3NHF Schedule of Rates?

    The A5 SoR books can be purchased through M3 on their website (right click link and Open in new tab).

  • Do the SOR Rates include VAT?

    No, none of the Rates include VAT

  • How do PC Sums work?

    Some items include a PC Sum which is already included in the rate (including an addition of 10% for profit and overheads). The For example, item 723301 – “BOILER:RENEW WITH COMBINATION BOILER-NEW” includes a PC Sum of £600 exc vat for ‘supply and delivery of Boiler, Flue and Fixing Jig’. This £600 should be adjusted to suit the actual cost of the items. So, using 723301 as an example and working on v6 base rates:

    If the items covered by the PC Sum cost £500 instead of £600, then the amount invoiced should be £1,207.85 (i.e. £1,307.85 - £600 + £500)

    If the items covered by the PC Sum cost £700 instead of £600, then the amount invoiced should be £1,407.85 (i.e. £1,307.85 - £600 + £700)

    Evidence of the PC Sums claimed may be requested by the SOR client.

  • What does "measured both sides" mean?

    The term "measured both sides" means that you physically measure both sides for evaluation/payment purposes. For example, if you were painting both sides of 10m long x 1m high railings the quantity would be 10m x 1m x 2 = 20m2.

  • How do Hourly rates work eg. for item 039015 “DRAIN:CCTV SURVEY”?

    Quantities for items with an hourly unit of measure (HR) should be based on time spent on site, from the time of entering the property to leaving, not any travelling or other time.

  • What is the description for the unit 'IT'?

    In version 6 onwards the definitions for standard abbreviations are included at the front of the SOR volume. There is also further information on common measurement units in the General Rules section eg. "IT - per item i.e. comprising the whole of the Works as detailed".

  • Do the SOR rates include the contractor's prelims, overheads and profit?


  • Why are Contract Conditions and Preliminaries supplied as PDF only?

    We do not provide Word versions of the Contract Conditions and Preliminaries as these are standard documents. Any amendments required would normally be listed in the Schedule of Amendments.

  • When can Client Inspection SORs be claimed?

    Client Inspection items cannot be claimed in orders where other works are undertaken. In all cases any pre-inspection to establish the item of work required is deemed to be included in the relevant Schedule of Rates items.

    Client Inspection items are for use where the contractor has to meet a client representative (eg. a surveyor) on site at the client’s request.

  • Finishes

  • Renewal of sheet and polysafe flooring, with sealant and self-level screed

    Both the application of a latex self-levelling screed and the use of sealant to seal the perimeter edges is deemed included in the renewal of flooring items. For more information refer to the ‘Finishings Rates Deemed to Include’ section of the measurement rules.

    431315 - SCREED:LATEX SELF LEVEL item should only be claimed where no flooring finish is being installed.

  • What is the definition on an approved sheet flooring sub-base?

    An approved sheet sub-floor would be plywood or hardboard.

  • How should I measure SM for flooring?

    The quantity claimed should be for the amount of flooring actually fitted, not necessarily the full dimensions of the room.

  • What do ‘Strip Painted Paper’ items cover?

    These items cover the additional cost of any type of painted paper. The rate is priced on an average condition and therefore, like most SOR items, a swings and roundabouts approach is expected when used.

  • Carpentry

  • What is included in “remove, refit or renew ironmongery”?

    In window repair items, 'ironmongery' is a catch-all term to include any fittings and attachments, for example all fasteners, catches and stays.

  • Cleaning & Clearance

  • Are whitegoods included in CLEAN TO LETTABLE STANDARD?

    White goods are included, covered by 'other landlords fittings' in the long description.

  • Scaffolding

    We have some details images that can also help to answer any Scaffolding related questions you may have, these images are available here.

  • Is chimney scaffolding included if the height of the building is 2 storeys or less?

    Scaffolding to a two storey structure is deemed to be included in a contractors tender. This includes additional scaffolding to provide access to work above the eaves to ridge levels where the protrusion is below 1m.

  • What is 'girth' in relation to scaffolding?

    The girth of scaffolding is the horizontal length of the run of scaffolding, measured at the face of the building or structure that it is being used on. Further details can be found in measurement preambles to the SOR.

  • If you still need assistance you can submit a query via our contact form here.